In this paragraph you will discover small tricks for the maintenance and care of your mobility scooter. To insure yourself that your scooter works well, there are several things that you must do.

Every scooter is different, it is important that you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. Please read the instruction manual that comes with your scooter.

Read attentively the following paragraph to know more about the maintenance, if there is any question you would like us to answer, please do not hesitate to contact us at: our equipment of professionals will help you with all the information you need


Keeping your mobility scooter clean is very important, for the following reasons: not only to improve the appearance, but also because a regular cleaning can act as a preventive measure against dirt, dust and sand, etc. Which can enter by though the moving parts of the scooter,the engine, batteries etc. and damage it. Be sure that you dry your scooter in case it gets wet with the rain. .


One of the most important components of a scooter is the battery. Our batteries are sealed, after a long use they need a full charge ( Depending on the model from 8 to 14h )

All mobility scooters have their own range, this will only apply if you keep the batteries properly charged. In order to obtain the maximum performance of your batteries, we recommend that when you buy your scooter the first 3 times you charge your scooter,it has to have a 12H charge,Obviously after a long term use the battery looses capacity.
We recommend that once a year you take your scooter for a service to ensure that the batteries are charging correctly. If you wish, our company can do this service for you.

Keep the terminals of the battery and the battery clean. To clean the battery you can use a damp cloth, avoid moisture conditions when using your scooter. If the batteries get wet, clean them and allow them to dry completely before using the scooter again.

Over time you will notice how your battery capacity will decrease, which will result in you having to charge your scooter more frequently. It is important to check the battery capacity in the indicator of your scooter to ensure that you will be able to complete your journey without problems, not only for the distance you are going to travel, but to ensure that there is enough charge to turn on the exterior lights if You are traveling in the dark or in poor visibility conditions.

Depending on the type of scooter you are using, you may need to charge the batteries after each trip or simply when the charge indicator on your scooter indicates that the battery power is low. The batteries in your scooter should last quite a long time, usually between 1 and 3 years, depending on how much you use your scooter.

Batteries should be charged regularly to keep them running efficiently. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions about your battery; They usually recommend charging for a time between 8 and 14 hours (depending on the model).

When you leave your mobility scooter longer than normal, the batteries will gradually lose their charge and could deteriorate if they are left in they discharge state.


All our scooters, like the majority have an electromagnetic brake system, this means that when you release the throttle lever the scooter stops automatically.

Before leaving home you should make sure that the braking system is working properly.

In most scooters there is a free pinion lever, this is located on the back of your scooter (under the seat or just above the rear wheels) This manual mode allows you to move the scooter easily without having to turn it on , But it also means that the scooter will not be able to stop by itself. As a safety measure most scooters do not allow to start the march with the engine disengaged


Tires on a scooter also suffer from wear and a puncture could cause problems, especially if you are not near home. Our company offers  “Road assistance” within a radius of 50km in case of you having a problem.

Pay attention to the behavior and condition of the wheels approximately every two weeks. When driving your scooter, note that the driving is smooth and the wheels spin properly. If you notice any unusual movement or noise in the turn, it may be because of a loose nut, a worn bearing, or a damaged shaft.

We have two types of pneumatic’s:

  • Tires with air chamber: These tires can be punctured. If you use this type of tire, inspect them regularly in case of wear or puncture, this can be sometimes repaired without the need for a whole new tire. Tires provide smoother driving for users.
  • Solid tires: These tires can not be punctured, but they can often be a bit uncomfortable. With these tires you can feel more jolts as you move on stones or curbs. However, it can make it easier to maneuver on some surfaces.


Often people do not consider it necessary to remember that the scooter is a valuable item and that some people wish to steal it. To ensure that you always have your scooter safe, we recommend that you remove the keys every time you get off your scooter, to keep it safe. We recommend that you provide a copy of the keys for your safety to a relative or other person nearby.

We offer you, if you wish: a civil liability insurance, for more information about our electric scooter insurance contact us email: our staff will gladly assist you ..

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