The cleanliness of your electrical scooter is important for the following reasons: not only to improve the appearance, but also because a regular cleaning can act as a preventive measure against the dirt, the powder and the sand, etc. That can enter on the mobile parts of the scooter, that is to say the engine, batteries etc. And to damage it. Insure yourself of drying your scooter in case of rain.



All our scooters, since the great majority have a system of electromagnetic brake, this wants to say that when the scooter gives up the lever of acceleration automatically.

Before going out of your house you should make sure that the braking system works correctly.

In the majority of the scooters there is a lever to put your scooter in free mode, you will find this in the back part of your scooter (Under The seat or exactly on the back wheels) East manual way allows to move the scooter with facility without having to ignite it, but also it means that the scooter will not be capable of stopping by itself. Since safety measure the majority of the scooters do not allow to begin the march with the disconnected engine.


One of the most important components of your scooter is the battery.

Our batteries are sealed of lead All mobility scooters have a certain range of the batteries; this only will be applied if it keeps a correct charge. In order to obtain the maximum performance of your batteries, We recommend that once you have bought your scooter the first 3 charges should be of 12h, this way you will keep them completely loaded at all time in order to prolong their duration., after a long use they need a complete charge.

Obviously it is not necessary to say that with the time they will lose capacity. In this respect we recommend that once a year, you take you scooter to the technical service for a review and this way to insure that the batteries are loaded correctly. If you wish our company can offer you this service.

You must keep the terminals of the battery lubricated and the battery cleans. To clean your battery you can use a humid cloth, avoid conditions of dampness when you use your scooter. If the batteries are wet, clean and leave that dry off completely before using again the scooter.

With the time you will observe that the capacity of your battery will diminish, which will give place to charge your scooter with more frequency. It is important to verify the capacity of your battery with the indicator of your scooter to insure itself that it will be capable of completing the trip without problems, not only for the distance that it is going to cross, but to insure itself that sufficient beech loads to ignite the exterior lights if you are travelling in the darkness or in conditions of bad visibility.

Depending on the type of scooter that you are using, it is possible that you have to charge your batteries after every trip or simply when the indicator of load on your scooter indicates that the load of the battery is low. The batteries on your scooter must last, in general between 1 and 3 years, depending on how much you use your scooter.

The batteries must be charged regularly in order that they continue working in an efficient way. Read always the instructions of the manufacturer in regards to your battery; They are in the habit of recommending to load them in between 8 and 14 hours (Depending on the model).

When you leave your mobility scooter more time stopped of the normal, the batteries will lose gradually their load and they might deteriorate if they are left in condition of unload.


The tires in your scooter also suffer from wearing out. Our company offers a service of “Road assistance“ in a radius of 50 km.

Pay attention approximately every two weeks to the behavior and condition of the wheels. Before you ride your scooter, observe that the conduction should be soft and that the wheels turn correctly. If you notice a movement or strange noise in the draft, it is possible that it is because of a sluggish nut, a worn-out cushion or a damaged axis.

We have 2 types of tires:

  • Tires with air chamber: These tires can puncher. If this you use this type of tire, inspect them regularly in case of puncher. The punchers in occasions can be repaired without a need of a new entire tire. The tires provide a softer conduction to the users.
  •  Non-puncture tires:These tires cannot puncture, but often they can turn out to be a bit inconvenient. With these tires it can feel more jolts as it advances on stones or curves. Nevertheless, it can do that it is easier to maneuver in some surfaces.


Often the people do not think that it is necessary to remember that the scooter is a valuable element and that some persons want to steal it. To insure yourself that you always have your scooter to except, we recommend removing the keys whenever it stoops, to keep it sure. We recommend to get a copy of keys for your safety to a relative or nearby person.